Lecture Digital TechTrends 2030 -also as a webinar-.
The future is not what it used to be.


Are you looking for an inspiring speaker on Digital Trends? I’d love to tell you about them. Technology is all around us. It is changing our lives. It is changing our work, society and the role we as humans play in it all. Technology offers enormous opportunities and has many benefits. Prosperity, efficiency, process optimization, insights, well-being, convenience, comfort and improvements in every conceivable area of our society.


The current fusion of various digital technologies is creating opportunities that were previously unthinkable. Digitalization brings many benefits. We as humans sometimes literally get answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, photonics, sensor technology, augmented reality and synthetic media are continuously changing the playing field.

These developments are turning existing business models, processes and organizations upside down. How should you deal with this? Which technologies are relevant? What is good to know? What are the possible disadvantages? I give you a compact, understandable and nuanced story.


Topics and questions

In this lecture I share the most important and relevant technologies. I take you through the different technological trends. No science fiction, but realistic examples. An inspiring, but down-to-earth look into the future.

The frontline of digital developments fascinates me enormously. But I am not naive. I also know that some technological developments also have disadvantages. We see this around us, for example, in the use of social media and smartphones. This also comes up in my presentations from time to time.

  • As a Digital Trends 2030 speaker, I answer questions like:
    What technologies are relevant for the coming years? Check out the paragraph below for an overview of topics.
  • What will the future look like viewed through the lens of digital technology?
  • What will be the impact of digital technology on people, business and society?
  • For example, what tasks will be taken over by artificially intelligent software?
  • What will we as humans continue to do?
  • What should we start doing tomorrow?
  • How should I develop as a professional if I want to remain relevant in the future?
  • What is important for employees to develop?


Digital Trends lecture topics

As a Digital Trends speaker I give lectures on various topics. A selection of the choices: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Devices, Avatar Technology, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Brain computer interfaces, Chatbots, Computer-generated imagery, Conversational Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Deep Learning, Deepfakes, Digital Assistants, Digital Humans, Digital Immortality, Digital surveillance, Digital twins, Drones, Economy of Things, Edge Computing, Ethics in technology, Exponential technologies, Future of Work, GAN technology, Human Augmentation, Internet of Things, Machine economy, Machines with Imagination, Metaverse , NFT-Technology, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Spatial Internet, Speech recognition, Speech Synthesis, Swarm Intelligence, Synthetic Media, Technology Backlash, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Humans, Voice cloning.



Frontline of digital developments

Technical developments fascinate me immensely. Because of this, I am on the frontline of digital developments. I read, watch, listen, ask, visit, interview and experience technological innovations. I write, make my own tech podcast, have had my own event on digital technology for seven years. This allows me to provide the interpretation, context and inspiration in my lectures. Packaged in understandable English and with numerous examples.

It is clear by now that the world is changing faster and faster. In an inspiring lecture, I talk about the impact of new technology. I dwell on the role of people in a world of increasing technology. For example, about how we deal with the loss of skills. But also the increasing scarcity of attention, intimacy and privacy.


Features Lecture Jarno, digital trends speaker

  • Energetic and inspiring
  • Compact and pleasant pace
  • Understandably explained for everyone
  • Level-headed and healthy critical
  • Many examples


My most recent lectures:

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  • European meeting on the frontline of technology and patents. (European Non-profit)
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  • Online panel discussion: technology and corona. (Financial services)
  • As a speaker for your (online) event

Tell me something about your company, your employees, your relationships, your goals and I will provide an inspiring, motivating lecture. Do you want to bring your relations together, inspire your employees online, kick off a creative session, give them an ‘online energy boost’ or make a strategic plan with your management team? Then fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you soon.

Wat klanten zeggen

"The webinar on the power of technology in times of corona is really recommended. Jarno Duursma takes you through the (im)possibilities that technology offers in these corona times in his typical, catchy way. Afterwards you'll be completely up-to-date and enriched with a number of surprising insights!"
Bas Baalmans
Digital Business Centre - Rijksuniversiteit
Bas Baalmans
"Jarno gave an update on the latest technoligy trends. Within short time we were up to speed on topics such as artificial intelligence, conversational commerce, et cetera. In his own - sometimes humorous - way you get inspired, so you can continue to explore your interests. As far as I'm concerned, it was a lecture that surpassed the rest of the day in terms of content. "
Eds Keizer
Co Founder Web agency GEK
Eds Keizer
"Jarno's lecture helped us to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on people, companies and even the whole society. His fresh view on the digital future inspired our team but also warned us not to forget the human factor. Because in the future, the human factor will be the one that makes you stand out as a company."
Rudy Kempe
Rudy Kempe