My name is Jarno Duursma. Besides being a TEDx speaker, creator of the ‘Listening to the future’ podcast and founder of tech event SMC050, I also wrote four management books on digital technology. My two most recent reports are on Machines with Imagination and Deepfake Technology.

Besides books and reports I wrote articles for Emerce, Bright and Frankwatching. But you might also know me from national media or my opinion articles for the FD, NRC and De Volkskrant.

I like to reflect on the current and future impact of digital technology with optimism and a suitably critical eye. And with an eye for the human interest.

Recent video

Jarno Duursma in 1 minute

Jarno Duursma in 1 minute

This 1-minute video gives you an impression of what Jarno can mean for your (online) event, congress, relation day or training day.

He tells you about the latest technological trends and translates these into the impact on business, people and society. Both physical meetings and online!

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Popular lectures

Synthetic Media

1# Synthetic Media

The future of content creation. Synthetic media are various media, such as photos, videos, texts or sound clips, created or modified by artificially intelligent (AI) software. Like deepfakes.

Artificially intelligent systems will become our creative assistant. They are going to inspire us and help us create new things. AI Software as a digital idea machine. Machines help us explore the edges of our imagination.

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How to stay human in the era of artificial intelligence
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Selected Blogs

Creating a look-a-like digital deepfake avatar

Creating a look-a-like digital deepfake avatar

I made a look-a-like deepfake digital avatar of myself. in this blog you can read what I did and why I did it. What I like and still needs improvement.

Are you interested in digital avatars? Then this blog is definitely worth your time.

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The risks of Artificial Intelligence

The risks of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence is an important technological trend for the coming years. It is being implemented in many different fields. This will be of great benefit. But we should not close our eyes to the disadvantages. As a technology expert I have been studying the drawbacks of technology, especially artificial intelligence, for years.

In this blog you can read about the 12 risks of artificial intelligence

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Wolters Kluwer
ABN Amro
Openbaar Ministerie
Van Lanschot Kempen

"Jarno's story was very well received and it helps me as a manager to look together with my colleagues for the opportunities that the digital transformation has to offer. As far as I'm concerned, there is no battle between man and machine. The trick is to become more intelligent as a human with a machine. Jarno has woken us up. Thanks for that!"
Cesar Blaauwgeers
National Team Manager Data & Information, Antea Group
Cesar Blaauwgeers
"For my Master's thesis in Law I had the opportunity to interview Jarno Duursma. He has a lot of knowledge about the latest technological developments and knows how to convey this knowledge with great enthusiasm. He has given me both insights and tips that have been very useful!"
Susanne Bijvank
Master student Intellectual Property Law
Susanne Bijvank
"Jarno's lecture helped us to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on people, companies and even the whole society. His fresh view on the digital future inspired our team but also warned us not to forget the human factor. Because in the future, the human factor will be the one that makes you stand out as a company."
Rudy Kempe
Rudy Kempe

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