Trendwatcher, TEDx speaker, author and podcaster Jarno Duursma

I am a technology expert, trendwatcher and speaker in the field of digital technology. I am also the author of four books on digital technology, including on artificial intelligence and blockchain. My two most recent reports are about ‘Machines with Imagination’ and ‘Deepfake Technology’. I can often be seen and heard in the national media and I write opinion articles for Het Financieele Dagblad (or FD, a Dutch daily newspaper focused on business and financial matters), NRC (a Dutch daily newspaper of record) and De Volkskrant (a Dutch daily morning newspaper) – among other publications. I am also the creator of the ‘Listening to the future’ tech podcast and I organised the TechEvent SMC050 for many years. I personally founded this event at the time.


Articles and publications by Jarno Duursma

My vision on digital technology has also appeared in book form. For example, I wrote ‘The Digital Butler’ about the opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence, as well as a book about Bitcoin Blockchain. I have written two reports: one is entitled ‘Machines with Imagination’, while the other report focuses on Deepfake technology. Besides books and reports, I have written articles for Emerce, Bright and Frankwatching. But you may also know me from national media or opinion articles for FD, NRC, De Volkskrant and Nieuwsuur (a Dutch current affairs television programme produced for the NPO by the government broadcasters NOS and NTR).

Jarno Duursma in one minute

Jarno Duursma in 1 minute

Jarno Duursma in 1 minute

This 1-minute video gives you an impression of what Jarno can mean for your (online) event, congress, relation day or training day.

He tells you about the latest technological trends and translates these into the impact on business, people and society. Both physical meetings and online!

What can you expect from me?

  • I am energetic, curious, down to earth and sociable.
  • I enjoy exploring new, groundbreaking technology.
  • I like reflecting on the current and future impact of digital technology. I do so with optimism and an appropriately critical eye. And with a focus on the human interest aspect.
  • I assist employees in becoming mentally futureproof – making them aware of the wonderful opportunities as well as the risks. Digital transformation is about people.
  • I want to be a positive force in the digital transformation.
  • I support the ethical use of emerging technologies to enhance human capabilities and create a better society.



"Sometimes you're lucky and by chance a speaker appears on your path who can playfully inject the necessary dynamics into your ICT quarterly meeting. Jarno not only highlighted the latest IT trends in a humorous way, but also sparked the necessary discussions about the bright and dark sights of ever-increasing automation. He even managed to make the link to our business operations and thus contributed to a successful afternoon."
Ben Vester
Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
Ben Vester
"For the first edition of our online digital marketing event at Achmea, Jarno gave a lecture on synthetic media and deepfakes. Jarno conveys the message with a lot of energy and makes the subject very accessible, also for colleagues who have little digital knowledge. With the help of striking examples you are completely taken into the world of this new technology."
Kimberley van Hulst
Digital Marketer Achmea
Kimberley van Hulst
"Jarno's story was very well received and it helps me as a manager to look together with my colleagues for the opportunities that the digital transformation has to offer. As far as I'm concerned, there is no battle between man and machine. The trick is to become more intelligent as a human with a machine. Jarno has woken us up. Thanks for that!"
Cesar Blaauwgeers
National Team Manager Data & Information, Antea Group
Cesar Blaauwgeers

Recent lectures by Jarno Duursma

I take my work as a speaker very seriously. Please see my blog: 20 tips for professional speakers and event organisers. Below you will find a list of my most recent lectures:

  • Inspiring online session for employees working from home (marketing)
  • Online conference on motivation (IT and public services)
  • Employee meeting on digital transformation (professional services)
  • European meeting on the frontline of technology and patents (European non-profit)
  • Kick-off of the strategic plan for the next five years (housing construction)
  • Panel discussion: technology and corona (financial services)


An inspiring speaker for your (online) event

How will digital technology shape our future? What are the developments in the field of artificial intelligence? How do we interact in times of technology and corona? What will smart computers take over from us? How do we stay human in a world in which technology is becoming increasingly important?

Do you want to bring business relations together, inspire your employees online, kick off a creative session, give an ‘online energy boost’ or develop a strategic plan? Please leave your details in the contact form and I will be in touch shortly.


For organisers: a short biography

Jarno Duursma is a Dutch technology expert, publicist, researcher and speaker in the field of digital technology. He has written four books, including on artificial intelligence and blockchain. His two most recent reports focus on ‘Imaginative Machines’ and ‘Deepfake Technology’. Jarno can often be seen and heard in the national media and writes opinion articles for FD, NRC and Volkskrant, among other publications. He is creator of the ‘listening to the future’ tech podcast and founder of tech event SMC050.

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Openbaar Ministerie
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